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NewWORLDSON Self-titled Review

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KLAMPERT:This CD is SICK!!! What a throwback to the great rock and roll of the 70′s. It has funk, dirty rock and a bit of an ethnic flavor to it as well. The guitar tones, vintage key sounds and raucous drums make you feel like you are sitting at filmore East watching Zepplin and the Alman brothers playing together. The vocals are thick and soulful and the lyrics are well thought out and not cliche. This is one fantastic CD!
BYRD: I’m always excited to hear Praise and Worship music that’s out of the box. This is NOT Chris Tomlin. This is NOT Casting Crowns. This is NOT MercyMe. This is NOT like anything you hear on kLove. And I think that’s admirable even if it isn’t my cup of tea. Haha. Hey, newWORLDSON really gets out there with some insane riffs, funkifies some incredible grooves and really has the vocal chops to keep it all together. What’s really great about newWORLDSON is that they give you the funk, gospel, rock, and it doesn’t sound fabricated. I mean it really sounds like who they are and not some cheesy rip off and thank God for that in Christian music!
MAHONEY: Alright, I had no idea who this band was, what their style was.  I’d honestly never heard of them.   I turned on this album and “HOLY COW!”  What am I listening to?  Newworldson is obviously a band that will not be put into a box.  Listening through this record, I can hear influences from the Righteous Brothers; the Kinks; Earth, Wind and Fire and Stevie Wonder.  There are some serious chops on this record.  I could listen to the music on this record all day if the lyrics sung in Attic Greek – but they’re not, and they show the same energy and creativity as the music.
VANCE: One word would sum up this album – Funky.  I recently heard “There Is A Way” playing on KLOVE and really like it.  It’s probably still my favourite after listening to the album but there are a number of other great songs on there.  This is gospel music at it’s finest.  You will probably love this album if you liked Israel Houghton’s Power Of One.  It’s not as polished as Israel’s masterpiece, but these guys still have serious talent.  Check them out on YouTube – I’ve never seen anyone do a drum solo quite like this… first drums… then mic stand… then guitar… mad.
KLAMPERT: There isn’t a song on here I don’t like. Absolutely brilliant! Rating: ★★★★½
BYRD: There are a bunch of guys at our church whose goal is to get me into Tower of Power. I think I’ll get them into newWORLDSON! Rating: ★★★½☆
MAHONEY: cIn the words of Randy “The Dawg” Jackson, this thing is HAWT!  Rating: ★★★★½
VANCE: There is some groovy songs on here, especially the current single, “There Is A Way”. Rating: ★★★½☆

KLAMPERT: I love every song on this CD..

  • Listen To The Lord
  • Lament (AMAZING!)
  • There Is A Way *
  • Exactly (How I Like It)
  • Commander
  • Listen to the Lord
  • Exactly (How I Like it)
  • Jamaican Praise Medley
  • Listen to the Lord
  • You Set the Rhythem
  • There is a Way
  • Commander
  • Exactly (How I Like It)
  • Jamaican Praise Medley
  • Listen To The Lord
  • In Your Arms
  • There Is A Way *
  • Exactly (How I Like It)
  • Commander

* Current single getting airplay on radio stations.

  • Exactly (How I Like It) – would love to try it sometime
  • Lament – hmm maybe good friday
BYRD: I don’t have a place to pull these off in our church but if you then please let me know!

MAHONEY: I don’t think any of these songs would fit our Sunday services.  But at a special event, or youth service, maybe:

  • Exactly (How I Like It)
  • Jamaican Praise Medley    (seriously)
VANCE: I love listening to this album, but I wouldn’t use any of these songs in our church.

The Joint gives NewWORLDSON Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

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2 Comments on “NewWORLDSON Self-titled Review”

  1. 1 Chris Moncus said at 7:34 am on March 9th, 2010:

    After reading this I want to call them my new favorite band and I’ve never heard the CD. Gonna HAVE to listen now.

  2. 2 Nathaniel said at 10:42 am on March 10th, 2010:

    Wow love these reviews! Great to hear from all your different perspectives.

    I commented earlier but wanted to see again if you guys might be willing to share your reviews in a resource library for youth pastors? http://www.calledtoyouthministry.com/resources

    I’d love to share these with the youth pastors, and might be great way for you to get the word out about your reviews site too.

    Let me know, thanks!!

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